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Do You Want To Kill Stress Fast?

Don't read another website that claims to manage your stress until you read this important message ...

If you've been looking for a simple, easy to understand way to tackle the effects of pressure and stress, which have been dogging your daytimes and spoiling your sleep - you can stop searching ... you've just found it.

We laugh at stress - a good belly laugh dissipates tension, and together with our closely guarded secrets and a few simple pyschological tricks - you can too.

Not so scary if
you imagine that
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It doesn't matter what age you are, what side of town you're from or what your life looks like now, this stunning new book reveals an amusing, common-sense approach to managing your pressures.

Out of control? Feel powerless?

Don't Panic, Take Control Now


You will feel more energised, in control and self confident - begin to feel the benefits, especially a wonderful feeling of taking the power back, now.


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They Laughed When I Said
Stress Was Good!

Then I showed them how to channel pressures to improve their performance.

Athletes, actors and race drivers couldn't function to their optimum without the adrenaline surge before performing. Learn simple techniques - not only to beat stress, but use it to your advantage.

Stress Has Been With Us Always
Now Let's Understand It


Since the dawn of time stress has been with us. Then - it was the terror of death our caveman ancestors suffered daily. Now - stresses at work, stress in our homelife, the way we are treated, perceived, and the expectations made of us.


Caveman Cartoon

Then - adrenaline-fuelled action... was followed by rest.

sleep cartoon

To recoup ...
and prepare the body for ...
more motion!


adrenalin cartoon

This is called the 'fight or flight' response.

Our bodies are prepared for action - and we have no physical release if we're stuck in a traffic jam or have too tight a deadline for a task. More of the adrenaline build-up later.

In STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! We keep it simple because we know the last thing you need when under pressure is complicated instructions.

Banish Stress Now!

This will help you identify, address and banish harmful stress from your life.

To begin, it is most important to know and acknowledge who you are, what you're like, what you've experienced recently and what you expect to happen. Then you have a fair chance of tackling your stress realistically.

Do You Make These Five Mistakes When Under Pressure?

  • Ignore
  • Moan
  • Drink or smoke more
  • Withdraw
  • Snap! And pass the pain on ...

These mistakes are killers and should be replaced by

  • Identify and engage - quietly address it now, with the help of this book: it won't just go away
  • Work out what you're going to do - instead of moaning
  • Drink or smoke less - I know that's not what you want to hear! The former can only make your state of mind worse, and the latter isn't good for you!
  • Act now, don't withdraw. Think about it.
  • Try not to snap, go for a brisk walk, run up some stairs or some other physical activity (not including violence) then talk it over with your 'social support' for instance friends or relatives.

Trust me, it's not rocket science. This all comes together in STRESS? LAUGH AT IT!

Keep It Simple

We keep it simple because we know the last thing you need when under pressure is pages and pages of interminable words and paragraphs, theories, notations and bibliographies.

You just need easy-to-understand help. You need it now. And here it is

For example -
Can't get on with someone? Put yourself in their shoes ...

shoes cartoon

What does that
feel like?


Even though we're not experiencing the same dangers as those cavemen were, our present day worries and pressures hit us just as hard.

But there's nowhere for the pressure to go if we're confined to a desk - or house.

Contrary to popular belief, stress is a physical phenomenon. When under threat, the body produces more of the hormone Cortisol. It is called 'The Stress Hormone' as it's secreted in higher levels during the body's 'fight or flight' response.

Some symptoms of stress

symptoms of stressAnxiety, depression
Headache, migraine
Sore eyes,
Aching neck and shoulders
Aggression, irritability
Appetite changes
Frequent colds
Mouth ulcers
Hyperventilation, sighing
Increased smoking or drinking
Palpitations, heart attacks
Angina, high blood pressure
Acid reflux
IBS, colitis
Decreased libido






Take Back The Power

Wouldn't you like to be stress free, and have supreme confidence - and function to the best of your ability?

When you process these closely guarded secrets you will have everything you need to help take control of your life, and change it for the better. Where are you now? Where do you want to be?


where are you now

"Stress is good" says Heather Stirling.

"Without a certain amount of it we wouldn't get up in the morning. We have to understand the stressor, then we have to learn how to prepare for stressful situations. This enables us to take control and puts us back in charge."

When stressed we can

  • succumb to stress and collapse, fail or fall ill
  • tackle stressors methodically, one by one, and succeed
  • absent oneself from the 'arena'

No Brainer! You have to go for option number 2.

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What Everybody Ought To Know

Once you honestly know yourself, you'll know what you're like, what you've experienced, what you react to, and what you expect of future challenges.

A stress impacting on you now, at this moment, might feel more than you can cope with.


Moving house - is a 'life event'

moving house cartoon

Possibly you are going through a high number of 'life events' at the moment - illness, moving house, relationship problems, change in working routine, death or illness of a family member, money worries (or one of approximately 30 well documented significant life events). This will naturally affect how you're able to tackle the pressure, now.

Maybe next month or next year you'd easily take that stressor in your stride, when things ease up a bit. Common sense.

Give Yourself A Break!

As well as knowing yourself, you have to love yourself and appreciate your unique talents and attributes. You may have lost sight of these. We all have common sense, but we are strangers to common sense where stress is concerned!

Don't Panic, Take Control
You've already taken the first step to getting yourself back in control by reading this piece.

We'll help! In STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! there are quizzes and questionnaires to help you find out about yourself and 'where you are at the moment'.

Now click here to buy STRESS? LAUGH AT IT!

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Buy now

Written and illustrated by Heather Stirling, ex CEO of Stressolutions Ltd. and, this book takes a unique look at stress, its causes and teaches us to have a laugh at situations we face, while learning how to handle them.

Buy the book, go through and enjoy these exercises like the hundreds of delegates who have enjoyed our stress management workshops, paying up to £500 a day.

We aren't asking anything like that for this valuable, not even the price of a couple of rounds of drinks! Or a half a tank of petrol.

This is a book 'for life' ! Go back to it when needed, from time to time - it'll always be relevant.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

You can download STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! , print it out to A5 size for instance, then use it as your own all-time pocket reference. Come back to it time after time to remind yourself of the little mind-games that can help you through.

This is truly a book for life - you can dip into it as necessary - forever!

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In STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! You will enjoy ...

  • funny and memorable cartoons bring each little psychological 'trick' to life
  • common-sense explanations - and solutions
  • progress sheets - so you can map your return to complete control
  • stressors are clearly divided to make things easy
  • how to approach money troubles
  • bullying - some easy tips
  • conflict - working towards a win-win situation
  • seeming inability to cope - simple time-management lists, pacing yourself
  • download now, and start enjoying and benefiting immediately on screen, this minute
  • print-out, and copy some of the cartoons for reminders, pin them on the kitchen notice-board ... you mike like someone else to see them!

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then within moments you can download and start enjoying the experience of

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Clawing Back The Power
Taking Back Control

Amusing and memorable cartoon illustrations bring each little 'psychological trick' to life.

This is the difference in approach, which has delighted corporate and personal clients alike at Heather and Annie Pellegrini's workshops across the country and in Europe.


Buy now

Here are what some STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! Customers say...


"I find this book very direct and practical, the cartoons work very well. I enjoy and learn best with visual as well as verbal illustrations, so coloured cartoons are perfect. I also like the simple NLP strategies, and the Mind Map is great.
Overwhelming yourself on one single page is cathartic in itself - then using the tools to break up the Gordian knots perhaps, if we allow it.. could lead to freedom - what a concept!
D. Monahan, Canada

"What an excellent book, clear and easy to read, and the cartoons work really well to enliven it"
Kim Porter, Designer, Buckinghamshire.

"Easy to follow and understand,a picture really is worth a thousand words. Set out nicely, with a score sheet to keep tabs!"
Hans Berger, Germany.

"Great stuff - feeling better already. The illustrations are great, colour is vivid and eye-catching."
Alex Atkins, London.

"This book really helps you learn - and the pictures make sure you retain the information. Brilliant."
Francis Drew, Preston.

"Most helpful, I particularly enjoyed the Type A and B personalities, and can identify a Taurus star-signed colleague already as an A Aggressive! Sets it out clearly and the cartoons are great"
Susanne Ouaknine, Morocco.

NOT ONLY can you get your hands on this amusing work immediately, to get started straight away, if you're not satisfied you can have your money back. You just can't lose.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, if within 60 days you feel STRESS? LAUGH AT IT! has not given you value for your money, we will give you your money back.

Act now!

It's in your interest to tackle stress as soon as possible - don't prevaricate - act now.

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To your successful stress-free life,

Heather Stirling

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P.P.S. Don't panic, take control - and snatch the power back!

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